Helping Australian Communities

& Businesses Thrive!


The Find It Locally Story

Find It Locally is a Community Related Marketing Social Enterprise run by a group of community caring people with diverse backgrounds. We are focused on invigorating community & economic development throughout  Australia. 

The impact of the 2008 GFC, Shifting Trends from local Street Store shopping to Global Online Shopping and now the current Covid Crisis many townships and communities have been shattered. 

Now is the time to pivot, work together. create sustainable solutions and craft a more vibrant future for Australia.

We asked the question  - How do we reinvigorate our many Australian communities to become more engaged with local activities and businesses?


We set up our Mission to: 

►  Create more connected & informed communities 

►  Raise funds for local causes/projects

►  Support growth for Australian Businesses, the Arts and other Enterprises


We recognised the need for a service that connects the community with local activities,

supports businesses and builds community spirit through the arts and other enterprises.

And wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could fundraise money for our many charities and worthwhile

Not-for-Profit organisations who deliver essential, front line assistance within our communities!

Best still – create a system that would  keep our dollar circulating in our local communities!


Win – Win – Win !


This is what Find It Locally offers for Community Development:

♦ 8800 Township Community Notice Boards offering an array of Community Development Services

♦  5 Essential Local Services on every Community Notice Board 

      1. Business / Community / Emergency Directory

      2.  Online Shopping Centre

      3.  Events & Activities Page

      4.   Local Media and Project Page

      5.  Fund Raising Service  


Find It Locally serves the community through:

♦  A network of local caring community individuals..They are provided with resources, skills and support to ensure they can service the needs of their individual community.

♦ Money flows back from business and community advertising to local Charities and Community Projects.  

Find it Locally supports Business through:
  • Large Advertising with direct links to their website
  • Long Term Exposure 12 Months
  • Inclusions into several Marketing Platforms
  • Promoted with Fundraising Activities  eg. Community Calendars (Printed)
  • Affordable Packages (Click Here)

Find It Locally has established : 

  • 20, 000+ listings on Google 
  • 7000+ visits per week  



Find It Locally strongly believes in ‘people power’ and ‘working together’ for a brighter future.

Currently we are building a network of over 1800 Community Related Marketing Partners who will run the many Find It Locally Services throughout Australia..    


Current Career Opportunities:

Join the Find It Locally network and be part of the solution that supports growth for Austraila.

1.  1500 Community Partners who can run the Community Notice boards 

         Click here for more information


2.  300 Category Page Referrers & Marketers: to support our Category Service

         Click here for more information

3.  100 Opportunities for Students and Volunteers to build a career.


4.  Business: Thousands of opportunities for businesses to join our network and offer visitors their        services & products.   

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Find it Locally
Keeping the gears of our society in motion! 




Our Mission is to:

► Create more connected and informed communities 

►Raise funds for local causes/projects   

►Support growth for Australian Businesses, the Arts and other Enterprises 






♦ What is the main benefit Find It Locally offers compared to other Marketing/Advertising Service?

FIL strategically placed your Business where it will be seen more frequently by people searching our Category Pages and Community Notice Board Services.  

Your online Business Presence (Website) will be promoted as an Australian Business ready to service Local Community Members & People searching our Category Pages.  You’ll be seen when your customers are wanting to buy.  .

FIL promotes Australian Businesses by building stronger B2C (Business to Community) connections with a network of Marketers looking after their members.


♦ FIL Marketing Services vs other Marketing Services

Studies show that Long-Lived Marketing offers a better ROI (Return on Investment) than most types of Short-Lived Marketing services.  With Short-Lived Marketing you pay – marketing runs for a short period -  marketing disappears never to be seen again unless you pay again.. 

♦ How does FIL direct the right audience to a Business?

As a FIL Business Member you receive several Advertisements as part of your package so we can promptly place your business amongst several services that reach your target market.


♦ How does FIL differ from other online marketing services?

FIL offers Community Information via the Community Notice Boards. People visit and revisit the FIL site to access this information. With increased exposure and habit, customers will become more aware what is available to them from local suppliers & support networks. 

FIL is run by a network of passionate people who want to:

◘ Invigorate Community Activities
◘ Raising Funds for Local causes
◘ Strengthening Australian Businesses

Being a network of people creates more opportunities to better our communities.Throughout the year our Community Partners run Fundraising, Networking & Event activities designed to open encourage more innovation and chances of working together.


♦ How do people connect with ‘Find It Locally’ Online?

FIL has over 20,000 mini websites within the FIL website and each service has its own SEO facility. FIL has over 20,000 listing on Google, Bing and other popular Search Engines. We have a very broad and popular key word range and currently get over 130,000 visitors a month. As our 1800 network grows and perform their tasks FIL related services will be advertised on thousands of posts and printed materials everyday.

♦ How does FIL intend to increase it’s popularity?

FIL aims to have a network of over 1800 people operating, supporting and promoting  the many services FIL offers. Everyone earns income. Our aim is to spread the benefits to many individuals, businesses and Not-for-Profits across the country

FIL is supported and operated by a team of people who support a broader network of people throughout Australia to encourage diversity and engagement at all levels of marketing and community development.

FIL works with a network of 300 Category Page Marketers supporting the 300 Category Services. Each Category Marketer understands the benefits of Networking & Leveraging so they can better support businesses of all sizes.

FIL trains and supports 1500 Community Partners who are members of Not-For-Profit organisations aiming to be community leaders. They operate the 8800 Community Notice Boards which entail: A Local Business Directory, A Local Online Shopping Centre, Events & Activities Page plus a Media / Emergency Page.

Every week our network of marketing partners both community and category  performs various marketing using all types of short-term media  eg. Facebook, Instagram, Posters, Radio, Group Activities, Flyers, Vouchers, etc. Directing traffic to FIL.

FIL educates in Community Development creating opportunities for Community Partners to run events and seek funding to support the Arts,    Community Groups and other Enterprises.

FIL has partnered with supports the FundRise Project to help single parents get back into the workforce.


♦ What other benefits are there for a business to be part of the FIL Network.

 FIL is 100% Australian and all money spent stays in Australia and is circulated within the community.  Other advertising platforms send the Australian $ offshore never to be seen again and often places it in the hands of conglomerates.

FIL enhances opportunities for all businesses small and large.


Why would people want to use Find It Locally

The WWW is a big place and often people want to find local information, services, products, support and to know what is happening in their own community.

Find it Locally is a well organised service offering a network of Community Notice Boards presenting local activities & a network of Category Pages supplying a broader range of support. 

About our Category Pages:  People love to have a window of choice when they are wanting or needing a product or service.  Often they want it from a local supplier.

FIL offers Local Category Pages  eg. Bathroom, Kitchen, Women Fashion with over 60 local businesses offering related products and services.   These Categories circular an Area eg. Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania making it easy for visitors to go to their actual place of business if need be.