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There are 8800 townships in Australia and Find It Locally has provided every township with a ‘Local Community Notice Board’ designed to create a more informed and connected community.

These ‘Local Community Notice Boards’ offer an array of services to benefit all community members. 

Each ‘Community Notice Board’ offers a Local Business Directory & Local Online Shopping Centre to support growth for local businesses.










The ‘Community Notice Boards’ also offer a Local Events & Activities Page plus a Local Media, Community Project Page so community members can enjoy what their community has to offer and be more engaged and connected. 





2021 – 2023 FUNDRISE Project & Social Enterprise

During 2021  – 2023 we aim to launch this service across Australia.  As this is a large task we are offering the ‘Find It Locally’ group of services to Not-For-Profit Community Organisations as they understand the needs of the community and can magnify the benefits of the ‘Find It Locally’ system and network to its members. 

Marketing & other income that arrives from the FIL group of services goes to the NFP Community Organisation so they can raise funds for their community projects. 

Find It Locally helps generate growth for local Australian business as well as raising the profile and funding opportunities for local community organisations. 

  Win for Business     ♦  Win for Fundraising     ♦  Win for Community!            

 We have divided the 8800 townships of Australia into 1500 Community Zones.  All townships that contain a population have been supplied with a Local Community Notice Board and a group of supportive services.  

 The ‘Find It Locally’ website is essentially a portal into every Australian township.  It is easy to navigate your way across each state and territory and visit local community notice board. 


If you are a NFP Organisation and want to find out more about becoming a Community Partner (Click Here)


If you are a Business and would like to find out how we can support your business send us an email with your website so we can get in touch and tailor a marketing package that would best meet with your needs.



Find it Locally aims to keep the gears of our society in motion. 




create more connected and informed communities    

raise funds for local causes/projects   

support growth for Australian Businesses, the Arts and other Enterprises