Scandinavian Flags


Price includes Freight anywhere in Australia.



Handmade Crochet Flags. Price based on string of 12.

You can select more or less flags on a string ($1 per flag)

Flag Size : 3cm x 4cm (1.7mtrs long)
Weight: 25grams

Item No: 15

Please indicate what nationality Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Finish





Additional information

Weight .025 kg

Christmas Nisser

For many years Hanne has enjoyed Crafts and Christmas, putting her two passions together creates a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy !

Coming from the cold north of the planet (Denmark) Christmas time is when the snow is falling and the Nisser awake to get going with creating Christmas Cheer.  Christmas Carols, Dancing around the Decorated Tree, Roast Duck, Pork, Red Cabbage, Toffee Potatoes, Rice Pudding (Ris a l’amande) the feast of Christmas Joy !  With this website we share many of the crafts Hanne has hand made for Christmas Joy!        0435 384 156