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If you have landed on this page you may be interested in knowing more about how we 

-  direct people to Australian businesses aiming to grow our economy

-  help Australian Not-for-profit organisation raise funds for their causes & projects   

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About Deborah Edge

 Like many of you, I wear more than one hat and my passion lies in doing my best to make great things happen!

As a forever, Mum, Sister, Aunty, Grandmother and  small business Retail owner/operator for more than 20 years, I know more than ever the need to support and generate more services that are of a real benefit to our Australian communities.

My passion lies with Community Related Marketing and how it builds stronger community connections and supports local enterprises. I play a key role in both the FundRise Project and the ‘Find It Locally Network’.

I am here to ensure everyone gets the support they desire for a better life.

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12 Months Free Local Advertising

We are a community related marketing group supporting the FundRise Project and community development!

Your advertising contribution will support further fundraising for local Not-For-Profit organisations and support an Australian 1st initiative.

Please get in touch if you want more information.

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