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If you are looking to advertise with our ‘Find It Locally – Category Pages or Community Notice Boards’ then you have come to the right place.

The best way for me to ensure that you get the best support is if you either: 

Email me  and give me some details about your business so i can have a look and get back to you with some ideas and what package would be best for you.  (free consultation)


Call   Ali – 0448 837 686  (Monday or Tuesday 9am to 5pm)
         Jeanette Jensen – 0432 106 101  (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) 


Go to our Information page and place your order.  

* Discount:   Currently I can offer you a 33% Discount – In the Order Form.  Add  1-ALIM to the Discount Code area. 


This is a unique opportunity to have your business promoted
at the top of our Category Pages with a Slide Show presentation for 12 months.

* Large Advertisement Top of the Page
* 12 months with 3 months Bonus Extras
(See below for more details)

 Large Advertising Image  at the top of the page
with our Slide Show 
(Limit 4)

 Advertising Button Image (Limit 60)


Now if you have come here to know more about me and what I do then read on.

 Ali McDonald AKA
Alicat and Science Fictions Divinyls tribute lead singer, wears many hats and cat ears. She is a qualified psychotherapist/clinical hypnotist, holds a PI License for investigative services, has worked full time for an international karate company and worked in real estate. Ali has taught many different subjects including singing, dance, karate, gymnastics, art, as well as academic subjects and still teaches singing, dance and tutors a vast array of subjects. Ali is also a children’s entertainer.

Ali has been involved in working with community projects both here and overseas for many years, including being an advocate for adults and children who are survivors of violence.

“I am here to ensure everyone gets the support they desire for a better life.”

Community spirit has always been a top priority for Ali.

“We must keep our community wells full of love, knowledge and music so our children and children’s children can prosper and grow.”

Get in touch for a free consultation to see how I can support your business.  I live in the The Hills and have over 25 years experience in business, marketing, project management, information technology, training and many other skills.  I am confident that I can assist you with a variety of support to help you grow your business, event, group, activities and/or any other entity.

The best way to tailor for your needs is to meet in person.  

Ali McDonald 0448 837 686

Community Related Marketing & Business Development
Available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and other times by appointment