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About Us

Our aim to create a more informed and connected community plus generate growth for local enterprises!

The ‘Find It Locally’ website is easy to navigate and offers every township in Australia an ‘Online Community Page’ offering a variety of unique services.

From your Community Page you can find:  

  • A Business & Community Directory
  • An Events & Activities Page
  • A Local Online Shopping Centre (so now we can really shop locally)
  • Links to Workshops / Courses / Artisans / Markets / Businesses / Tradies
  • Community Groups / Fundraising Projects
  • Transport / Emergency Support
  • and much much more!


This website will take 3 years to complete 2019 to 2022

There are 7800 Townships in Australia we have divided them into 1000 Territories and seek to  engage what we call a ‘Find It Locally – Community Related Marketing Consultant’ for each Territory.

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The ‘Find It Locally’ website is easy to navigate, there are 8 States/Territories with 19 Areas each containing links to the local community pages. 

The website contains over 15,000 sub-websites which are listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other common search engines. We receive currently between 1000 and 6000 hits per day and this is growing. (2/3/2019)


About Jeanette Jensen:

I am now 56 and find life is fascinating and fragile. The changes we make can be good or bad. 

With my life experience I have discovered the most important thing to do is follow your passion and create something great.  I would like to complete these three tasks and then rest peacefully knowing I have done my best for Australia and its environment.

  • Build the website service for Australia
  • Supply 1000 Marketing Businesses with ‘Community Related Marketing’ knowledge to keep our communities strong 
  • Create a Wildlife Reserve / Family Retreat / Aged Care Facility to build a more caring society  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email




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Find it locally and watch Australia grow!